humans will not change because of facts or figures
we believe in trigging peoples imagination and curiosity to observe the world with wonder
to believe anything is possible
giving a notion of a new clean world
all through sustainable and visually pleasing design enhancing our outdoor spaces
Voluto is developing a self-sufficient smart power unit
utilising renewable energies from both solar and wind
named Emotion
The Emotion harvests its energy by a vertical wind turbine and integrated hidden solar modules
Providing locally produced power for smart applications such as:
smart lighting
rainwater recovery for green roof ecosystems
It is designed with our Scandinavian climate in mind
known for seasonal challenges in high winds and variable lighting conditions
Making it a global solution
The energy pole Emotion is perfect for off-grid locations since no grid connectionis needed
There are several benefits for not needing to pull a power cable through air or trenching:
prevent visual littering
no intervention with nature
easy plug and play installation
no electricity cost and grid independence
Bottom line – less hassle
The Emotion can also be installed as a grid-tied solution where the infrastructure already exists to contribute energy to the grid and simultaneously reduce the owner's costs through the plus customer scheme
Energy is stored in the Emotion using lithium battery modules due to their temperature tolerance, high number of charge cycles, long service life and proven technology for better return of investment than other types of chemistry
The power requirement will vary for both customer-specific needs and geographical location
The Emotion has a modular design enabling a variety of different setups
It can easily be configured to meet these requirements including energy production scaling
making the Emotion a flexible building block for powering smart-cityapplications.
Using machine learning will predict and optimise energy production and schedule the best time frame for maintenance
The control system enables full control and monitoring of energy production and application data All convenient and effectively available online through NB IoT
The use of high-quality materials and hydrophobic coating preventing ice and dirt build-up will keep the maintenance to a minimum
The control system will alarm through the wireless connection if faults occur and maintenance is needed
Sustainability is our core value
We strive to be environmentallyfriendly in every aspect from design to delivery as our vision is to pass a clean world to future generations
The Emotion has zero emissions during itsentire lifetime powered by renewable energies only
Currently we are in the final stage of fabricating our proof of concept consisting of two units for the municipality of Kristiansand
These units will be part in their research of becoming a plus costumer to the grid owned by Agder Energi
We are also investigating several potential projects to propel and develop our first commercial version of the Emotion